About Me!

Hi I’m Julia and I’m currently in year 6! I sadly have no siblings but it also means I don’t have to argue with my siblings like most of you guys do. But I have two guinea pigs called Chevy and Lottie. There both rex guinea pigs (rex is the breed) and there so cute!

I love swimming and I do it three to four times a week at my local club. I also love arts and crafts which you’ll see a bit of in my posts.

I chose to make my avatar using http://avatarmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml. I made my avatar resemble myself because I think it’s good to stay true to who you are. I added a dog because I love animals especially dogs even though I’m not allowed to get one.

I hope you have fun reading my posts and enjoy learning more about me!

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